!‘Guruh bhrahma gururh Vishnu gururdevo maheswaraha guru saakshattu para bramha thasmai sree guravenamaha’!!

“ shuklam bharadaram vishnum shashivarnam chathur bhujam prasanna vadanam dyaaye sarva vignopa shanthaye Aayum muhurthassu Muhurthastu thadeva lagnam sudhinam thadeva taraabhalam chandrabhalam thadeva vidyaabhalam daivabhalam thadeva,Lakshmipathe tengri yugam smaraami.

Sumuhurstastu,labhastesyaam,jayastesyaam kuthastesyaamparaabhavahayeshaa mindeevaraasyaamahrudayasto janaardanaha.”

Aapadartaaraam,dataaram,sarvasamapadaam, lokaabhiraamam,sreeramambhuyobhuyo namamyahum.

Sumukuchai kadantachcha kapilo gajakarni kahaa lambhodaracha vikato vigna raajo ganaadioaha, doomakethu ganaardvakshaha, phalaa chandro gajananahaa,vakrathunda soorpakarno,heyrambhaha skandapoorvajaha,asta vasta cha namaami yah patechchano yadaapi, vidyarambhe vivahechchaa pravesa nirgame thadaa sangrame sarva kaaryesu vignastanya naa jayathe, abishiddardra sidyardam, poojitho yassu rai rapi, sarva vignachchi the thasmai ganadipathiye namaha.”

Om!thachchakshurdevahitampurastaachchukramuchharath pasyema sharadashshatham!

Jeevema sharadashshatham,

Nandaama sharadashshatham,

Modama sharadashshatham,

Bhavaama sharadashshatham,

Shrunavaama sharadashshatham,

Prabravaama sharadashshatham,

Jeethaasyaama sharadashshatham,

Jyok cha suryandrushe!!

Om aadityaye namah!

Om aadityaye namah!!

Om aadityaye namah!!!

Our hearty welcome to our website

We wish to enlighten you on certain details on Astrology and how it is suffering the deviation from the ORIGIN at the hands of todays sham astrology Practitioners .

The present system being followed by todays astrologers will not only confuse you but yields no results at all while it took more than 25years of relentless pursuit for us from Your present level of enquiry to presentation of the following by us.

Todays astrology

Man is a rational animal and curiosity is an essential characteristic of human mind. The more a thing is inscrutable and unknown the more curious man becomes about it. Man is naturally curious about his future and he tries to know about it in various ways. Thus, the art or system of predicting came into existence.

There are many methods of looking into future and predicting. Astrology or predicting from the positions of planets and signs, palmistry, geomancy are various methods of predicting the future and Astrology in particular is a system of predicting based on the positions of planets, signs and their movements. It is based on nine planets and twelve signs. Since it relies on astronomy it does have a scientific base. However, in practice it is not proved to be a perfect system unfortunately due to misinformation, devoid of proper research and egocentric attitude of astrologers. Thus, the Vedic Astrology in fact in practice today is UNVEDIC?

Todays astrology is suffering combustion from one side by the scientists and rationalists, who rubbish astrology as unscientific and the other, are astrologers themselves with the debate degenerating into a slinging match, devoid of any dispassionate analysis of the issues involved. Here, the crux of the problem is that both scientist and astrologer harbor serious misconceptions about the subject. In the context of the debate the statement made by the universally acclaimed scientist Sir Isaac Newton the father of the contemporary cosmology, before a Commission for his continued practice of astrology (and alchemy) who maintains his stance and states that” Sir I have studied the subject. You have not.” This is a reply to the Astrology’s present day detractors the so called scientific community. That they have not studied the subject is evident in their arguments denouncing the ‘ unscientific’ nature of astrology. Astrologers themselves are responsible for this to an extent. They too ignore certain aspects of the art and its mechanics which should be clarified if a fair and truly scientific debate can ensue.


The following discussion of a few pertinent points will help the reader understand the confusions of Todays VEDIC ASTROLOGY is whether VEDIC OR UNVEDIC. One of the most common criticisms of astrology from the scientific community is that astrology hinges on a new scientifically disproved belief that the Earth is the centre of the solar system.


Once again, this proves that the detractors have not studied the subject. When a horoscope is drawn up, the astrologer is not making a cosmological statement about the structure of the universe. He is simply fashioning a map of the circumscribing heavens as those configurations converge on a specific point on earth, a particular location in time and space, or the longitude and latitude of an event. This construct does not state that the Earth is the centre of the solar system, but simply that at that particular point, a birth or an event has occurred amidst a certain circumscribing configuration of cosmic harmonies. It merely locates a central point on Earth for establishing a map of the heavens as seen from that point. Even a scientific luminary like Dr. Stephen Hawking, who ironically holds the same chair at Cambridge that Newton held, has fallen into the trap. In view of Dr. Hawking’s contribution to the geo-centricity debate, we realize how determined scientists are to destroy valid ancient belief systems. In his lecture in India Hawking stated: “When it was discovered that the Earth was not the centre of the universe, astrology became impossible. More disturbing than such a brilliant mind making the same blunder is that if an astrologer would dare point out Hawking’s misconception that no newspaper in this country would lend space. A conspiracy is afoot, and it has been developing for the past 2000 years.

A horoscope is not geocentric. It is birth-centric; and astrology is as valid today as it was many, many centuries before science discovered the actual solar system.


Coming to the most important argument against astrology which relates to the several rotations the earth makes. One is on her axis, making our 24 hrs, the second is her 365 days revolution around the Sun, three, the tilt of her axis north and south, lending the length of the days and the seasons, and four, a special wobble of her axis that, like a gyroscope, causes her equatorial plane to trace a circle in the sky. If we measure this greater circle and the figure it traces on the backdrop of the constellations, we have what is called the PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES. It is traced backwards through the constellations, or counter clockwise, unlike the tropical zodiac that is measured clockwise. But this greater circle has no value for us if it is not combined with the smaller circle, or the Tropical Zodiac. We need to know precisely, when these two zero points of the Side real and Tropical Zodiacs converged. While the latter is easily measured with split second accuracy (Each year we experience the equinoxes and the solstices), the ZERO POINT of the greater circle is another matter. The circle takes almost 72 years to move through just one degree of the 360 of the celestial sphere, and 26,000 years to make one complete round. This means that if we are but one half degree off in our calculations of that ZERO POINT we are 36 years out in our forecasts here on Earth. Thus, it is because of the near impossibility to determine the exact ZERO POINT of that circle that there are dozens of Ayananamshas in the so called VEDIC ASTROLOGY.

Each school will naturally have its own means of calculating this point in space and no two calculations will be similar.

This constellational sphere is called the circle of fixed stars or the Nirayana Zodiac. The smaller circle is the Zodiac commonly used throughout the world, the Sayana, it is the latter that was used in the Vedic Age.

Scientists claim that the Zodiac astrologers use shifts at the slow rhythm of 72 yrs per degree of that greater sphere. They say that the so called shortest day of the year the December solistice is no longer the first degree of the Zodiacal sign Capricorn, because that point out in space has shifted.

Hence, they claim, astrology is using a false measure in its calculations, UNSCIENTIFIC in the extreme. However, it remains unexplained why astrologers in India and scientists through out the world refuse to acknowledge that there are two circles that form the tools of the craft Nirayana (Sidereal) and Sayana (Tropical). The debate arose in India about the first millennium, when astrology and astronomy parted ways.



In Greek language the poetic form of geia is ‘ge’ which means ancient goddess of earth. The then rulers around B.C.151 had been so egoistic as to culminate with the idea that “I being the ruler of the Earth” let the chief planet sun go around me with other planets and propagated a new theory through HIPPARCUS and later Ptolamy who were popular cosmic observators in those days. The new theory states that Sun goes around the earth so accordingly by degrees Sun is moving and this movement of the Sun at present times is 23 Degrees which is totally against the Vedic era’s observation and pundit’s like VARAHAMIHIRA, Bhattolpaludu, Kalyanavarma inspite of being under pressure disagreed with such new theory. It is regretful that why Indian astrologers yet continue to use the same system which is unvedic. May be due to lack of information. Therefore we have all reasons to comment that it is not Geo Centric theory but Ego Centric Theory.


The result of this split is the difference between Nirayana and Sayana Zodiacs. Science finally over powered the pundits, who had by then lost direct touch with the Sacred Sciences, and imposed the idea that it could only be that fixed point in the heavens that was worthy to be considered the Ayanamsha or Zero Point. This gave birth to dozens of Ayanamsha, with accuracy impossible to achieve. Errors of seconds translate into decades and centuries to render the “Music of spheres” a virtual cacophony.


For astrology to realize its full glory, the astrologer must use both the sidereal and tropical zodiacs and use them intelligently. The smaller circle, which we can easily measure by determining the solstices and equinoxes, is the measure of the individual, and all things of this world, the Sidereal Zodiac is the measure of astronomical/ Astrological ages, the horoscope of the Earth in to. For example the appearance of ten avatars of Hinduism is recorded in the Sidereal or Nirayana Zodiac and can be read therein with considerable accuracy. In the Vedic age, this distinction between the two was entirely accepted. There is no mention of any AYANAMSHA in the Vedas. All mathematics and astronomy established measurement relating to the tropical zodiac. As an example, let us take the universally celebrated Makara Sankranthi festival. This was and is still supposed to be, the yearly (apparent) entry of the SUN into the zodiacal sign Capricorn or Makar. In additional to its many references in the Vedas, there is the date of Bhismas passing which he predetermined. He says to Yudhistara, “come to me when my time of death approaches when the SUN passes in his southern solistice and turns northward”.

This reveals that Bhishma had chosen the solistice of 21 / 22 December as the time of his passing away. It is only then that the Sun’s movement south appears, to be suspended and turns northward. It is the shortest day of the year and the time when daylight begins to steadily increase from then onward. Hence, it has been known in all ancient civilizations as the auspicious festival of light. The Vedic Makara Sankranthi. Similarly, throughout the epics and puranas, we find references to this sacred event, the Sun’s solstice and its northward- bound journey. The Mahabaratha itself begins on this auspicious day. But today, given the split between astrology and astronomy, science insists that we must find that obscure point in space, so very many light years away, and establish that as our ZERO POINT (Ayanamsa). It is from here that all astrological recordings are to be done.

This imposition put the final nail in the coffin of VEDIC ASTROLOGY, for nothing has served to undermine the ancient lore of time as this single act of mismeasure. THE AGE OF CONVERGENCE

The detractors of astrology and the ancient Vedas claim that in the age of the ‘Mahabharatha’ the two circles coincided therefore, they insist that ‘ BHISMA’ was referring to the Sidereal Zodiac or the Nirayana Zodiac. That the two circles had coincided, and it being the shortest day of the year the tropical Zodiac, apparently substantiates their claim.

But these calculations are wrong. In round 3200 BC, the approximate era of the appearance of Sri KRISHNA and the Mahabharat War, the two circles were almost 2000 years from the convergence. And yes, BHISHMA selected the shortest day of the tropical year for his departure.

The precession of the equinoxes is irrelevant where the individual is concerned and with the calendrical regulation of society. While we can ignore the greater circle entirely and still integrate people and regulate its social life, the purpose will be defeated if we use a nebulous point thousands of light years away as our Zero Point.

Nowhere in the VEDAS is this sidereal Zero Point preferred. All the mathematics and geometry of those ancient times centered on measurements of the TROPICAL Zodiac.

Thus, to call Todays brand of astrology Vedic is grave error. To continue to celebrate the Sun’s entry into Capricorn (Makara) 23 days late, is another grave error, and to sustain that we do so because that greater circle’s ayanamsa has ‘Shifted’ is a very grave error. If the ancients laid so much stress in the shortest and longest days of the year, they had a very good reason for doing so. To begin with it was a phenomenon easily measured and about which there could be no dispute, unlike the present proliferation of Ayanamshas.

The shortest day of the year is December 21/22, not January 15. The day and night of equal measure is March 21/22 not April 14.

The ancients comprehended difference between these greater and smaller circles, and when to apply each. But they never made the grave mistake astrologers are making today, while labeling that MISMEASURE VEDIC.


K.P. 291 A.D
B.V. RAMAN 397 A.D
P.S. RAY 319 A.D


With so many Ayanamsha are followed the confusion is furthered and the cause for deviation from Vedic System appears to be ignorance and political. While Sayana System is followed by western, which is Vedic and the same knowledge source is through YAVANAS who are of Indian origin, the first settlers in places situated in the north-western regions of Kashmir namely:






And the inhabitants of these places are popularly known as YAVANAS who are all Indian comprising of four varnas. This group is known for their knowledge in astrology. Later the same group was driven out by ARYANS because the Yavanas apposed vedic knowledge, who went in western direction and fought wars with people in KARSIKA, SARDINIA, SICILY, GREECE, KREETI, SYPRUS Islands and having occupied by winning wars settled in the same places and came to be known as “Ayoniyans” who, later became natives of GREECE.

There is no mention of Ayanamsha deviation at any time during the above period, all panchangas were in Sayana system until the arrival of a Greek Astronomist Hipparcus B.C 160 who introduced Nirayana system which however was not popular till the Culprit Ptolamy (A.D, 127-151) under the direction and dictum of the then rulers popularized the Nirayana System, which is being followed to date. Ptolamy stated that all planets including SUN are revolving around the Earth. Are we in consonance with the same theory till date?

On the basis of above and more details the discussion can go on forever. We could for instance, discuss the very nature of horoscope analysis and understand why astrologer are many at times limited in their ability to interpret a chart, another criticism leveled at the art. Here the most confused is the querist who goes to an astrologer for consultation. Astrologers today have lost perspective of just what it is they are intended to measure. This is indeed a Sanathana Dharma that concerns us. They must be concerned with measuring the earth, her 365 days and 24 hrs rotations. Today, this measure is determined precisely by the solstices and equinoxes, as it has been from ancient times.

Can any astrologer prove that the sidereal zodiac was the zodiac used in the Vedic age non-speculatively based on those ancient scriptures and with their mathematical treatise?


Information on Mahabharath Yudh

Sri Krishna rayabaram on kaarthika shukla dwadasi revathi nakshatram, war started on kaartika bahula panchami pushyami nakshatram, the death of BHEESMA on the 10th day of starting the war, the death of DRONA was on margasira sukla trayodasi bharam nakshatram, the death of Duryodhana is on the 18th day of war in ARDRA nakshatra, the crowing of DHARMARAJU is on pushyasuddha sapthami while Bhima dies in on maaghasudha ahtami rohini 3rd padam in the day time which is the date of commencement of Uttarayanam.

Death of srikrishna –Kaliyuga AARAMBHAM which is 20-02-3102 B.C at 2:27:30 am uttaraayanam started on MAAGHASUDDHA SAPTAMI which is as known RADHASAPTAMI.

The war started on kaartika bahula amavasya, tuesday.


The year before kaliyuga started from 3102 B.C DHARMARAJU ruled Hastinapuram for 36 years after which Lord Krishna’s Niryanam took place.

DHARMARAJU realizing the negative vibrations of kaliyuga aarambham crowns PARIKSHITU and goes on MAHAPRASTHANA YATRA with his co brothers.

The stellar position with mathematic calculations at that time.

Planets Sidhanta siromani Arya sidhantha Parasara
Sun 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Moon 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mercury 11.27.24 11.21.22 11.21.17
Venus 11.28.42 11.27.07 11.26.59
Mars 11.29.24 0 0 0 11.29.16
Jupiter 11.29.28 11.27.07 11.27.03
Saturn 11.28.46 0 0 0 11.28.57


Famous Pandits like Dr.Buler, Sri M.A. Trayar has supported and wondered at the above mathematical summary and the exactness of kaliyuga aaramba time.

The argument that sayana system is western so Nirayana system is followed by hindus has no bearing.

The great VARAHAMIHIRA D.O.B. 3-3-124 BC and his contemporaries at that time or earlier had not followed NIRYANA system at all.

B.C 1st centurion kalidasu also followed SAYANA system devoid of the Pernicious influence caused by PTOLEMY (126 BC-151 BC) who popularized and Followed the theory of HIPPARCUS which is NIRAYANA., while at the same time the westerners disagreed with the new system NIRAYANA and continude with theories of VARAHAMIRA’s which is SAYANA. Kalyanavarma,Bhattotpaludu and all such eminent Learned followed SAYANA system only.

With the belief that sun moves around the earth which is NIRAYANA System followed by our present astrologers many confusions take place in various aspects as following and as example.


Kumbha mela:

Each year Jupiter stays for one year in one RAASI starting from MESHA to Pisces covering 12 houses of the ZODIAC.

At the time of his fresh entry into a house is treated so auspicious for dipping in the assigned river of that particular RAASI for cleaning the one’s sins is totally done at the wrong place. While the culmination of confusion is choosing the wrong place for MAHA Kumbhabishekam which takes place every12 years., for instance Jupiter in Karkatakam moves to Simha Rasi after july 20th 2014 as per sayana (Hindu-Origion) system. Because you have pushed sun from 0 ° Level to 23°. Jupiter is at present in Gemini and will move to CANCER in july 2014 and the CANCER(Karkataka) Rasis related RIVER is being chosen now to wash your sins, one can’t imagine who is at loss.

Are We Following the Correct Days of Festivals?

People are very fond of celebrating festivals and they do poojas and prayers to please the God, so that they will get health, wealth and all round prosperity. One of the most famous festival at shabarimala is the Makara Sankrama which is an astronomical phenomena denoting the commencement of uttarayana after the winter solstice. Generally, this is observed by all on 14th or 15th of January every year and is it the correct date of the commencement of uttarayana, which is the real date of winter solstice? This is the shortest day of the year.

 There are several festival which all are linked to astronomical factors even though it is not openly declared so, which are Vijayadashami, Deepawali,Onam, Amavasya of Kataka month etc., In the case of Amavasya of kataka month, it is purely astronomical because this is a day on which sun and moon are together in Kataka rasi at the same spot. In the case of Vijayadashami, there are several stories behind it, but the fact is that on the Shukla Paksha day, Astami, in the month of Ashwina, Durga Pooja is conducted. On the dashami day, it is that Lord Vishnu told Yudhistira that on the Vijayadashami day, the King should dress up beautifully with all ornaments, etc. , and proceed with elephants, horses and cavalry along with all musical instruments towards east. After reaching the border of the kindom, he should perform Vasstu Pooja and worship Aishtadikpalakas. Brahmins also should be worshipped there and the king should return back to the people. After this is done, every year the king will be able to defeat all enemies and will be able to progress well.

 Diwali: This is celebrated on the amavasya day in the month of Karthika. Generally Kubera, Lord of money, Vigneshwara, Indira, Vishnu and Saraswathi also are worshipped along with Laxmi. It is believed that Sri rama came back from Lanka on this day. Others believe that Vikramaditya started his own yaer called Vikrama Samvalsara on this day. There are various others stories also behind this.

 Celebration of onam is something known to all. Here, the question is are we actually observing these festivals on the actual date or are we following a wrong panchanga and celebrating these dares on the wrong days. To understand this issue, we have to go back to the principle behind fixing the dates for these festivals.

 Transit of Sun from Dhanus to Makara is on 21st of December While this is being celebrated on January 14th . The same error being applied for Mahashivaratri also. The real Shivaratri occurs on 28th of January. While this is being celebrated on 24th or two or three days before or after in February.

 A supposed committee has been formed in Delhi with the name All India Calendar Reform Committee and they are circulating the real dates of Hindu festivals and they persuade people to follow the real celebration dates. It is necessary that we realise and look into the real aspects of astronomical date to arrive at the real Hindu festival days.

 That the festivals are observed and Poojas performed on wrong days, the required effect will not be obtained. The apt example is Vishnu when say that and Sun in above the North Pole on April 14th that auspicious day was over 25 days ago.

 These mistakes occurred because we are following the Gregorian calendar but not our Vedic calendar, the purpose of performing Poojas on particular festival days is with the object of seeking blessings by God which is defeated, accordingly astrologically those born under Aswini birth star is not actually born under the same but in Krithika, and those born under Krithika actually is MRIGASIRA so on and so on…

 The present Vimsottari dasa system has emerged from a fancy mind of somebody while origin and as advocated by PARASARA muni is VIMSOTTARI UDU dasa system by which it is only 28 days a month.

As per PARASARA MUNI the universe has emerged from DURGA MATA a female Goddess, and including ‘ABHIJIT’ Nakshatra the no.of stars are 28. As per prakruthi rule at every 28 days the menstrual cyclic period effects a female, thus 28 days and odd is to be taken for a month and accordingly fallowing tables are provided for the necessary explanation.


Sun 6 Years- 5.4 Years; Moon -10 Years = 9 Years; Mars 7 Years = 6.3 years; Rahu-18 Years = 16.2 years; Jupiter-16years =14.4 years; Saturn-19 Years = 17.01 Years; Mercury-17 years = 15.3 Years and Venus-20 Years = 18 Years






To Continue…



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