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Numerology is easily the most ancient science in the world. Though old when studied in conjunction with astrology, it produces fruitful results. Its origin is in India and the rishis prophets of old used to predict the future accurately by it.,

Numerology now constitutes a clear departure from the past. Its study in combination with astrology has gained world-wide recognition.

It is important for a proper study of the science of numerology to have concentration and a balanced mind. A little mistake results in wrong results. Numerology is a secret science – a secret in which the good and bad, the future and the past of a man is hidden. The whole universe is a result of a combination of five basic elements, viz., water, fire, air, earth and ether. Man is affected by these elements and has a link with the world.

Mantras are composed of 32, 24 or 12 words, a clear indication of the importance of numbers. In fact, words and numbers possess an intimate mutual link.

The Indian rishis had given due importance to numbers from 1 to 9, besides the shoonya(or Zero). With the help of these they had formulated a formidable system of mathematics. These numbers possess latent secrets which have not been fully explored yet. Numbers have a specific history. They have their functions and importance. It is essential to understand the specific characteristics of the numbers.


Around 3000 B.C Aryans (Hindus) migrated to various places. Aryans living around SAPTASINDHU migrated to different places with Vedic knowledge wealth and cattle wealth. One group journeyed north eastern wards and crossed bearing jalasandu (strait) over Alaska and over western America and settled in Central America, another group journeyed eastern wards and over MANGOLIA and settled in HOYANGHU River in CHINA. Another group journeyed south easternward over Afghanistan kiber and Bolon and finally settled at SINDHU VALLEY. Some out of the same group further journeyed through east and settled at GANGA plain lands, the fourth group went southern ward and settled at MESAPATEMIA. The 5th and the last group migrated towards south westward and settled at the western side of the black seas at DANEWB RIVERS. Out of the same group some have gone further crossing MIDDLE SEAS and settled in NILE of Africa. The present wonderful Pyramids are supposed to have been made by them.

In Europe between the hilly areas of ALPASU to southern side of Himalayas and up to the banks of PRAGJHOTHISHPURAM, there lived many tribes who were known and called as “SEBARULU “ by Aryans, over a period of time the letter ‘SE’,’SA’ became ‘HA’ in pronunciation. The same ‘SEBARULU” are addressed as HIBARULU and after some more time period they came to be known as ‘HEBREWS’. All those living in SINDHU AREAS were later known as Hindus due to the change in letters from ‘S’ to ‘H’ in Pronunciation.

HEBREW Kabala is an ancient work of Jewish mysticism and occult lore. It attempts to explain and suggest a certain necessary connection between our apprehension of things as facts of experience and the cosmic laws which underline those facts. Thus, according to Kabala, the study of numbers has its principles, its alphabets, its language, its terminology, and its significance, is the first key to the knowledge of the kabala.

Unlike other ancient systems of numerology which limit their study to the influence of numbers 0 to 9, the Jewish and the Hebrew Kabala extends the significance and interpretation of numbers to the twenty-two, linking these with twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Welter Gorn old, better known as Sepharial, was an Englishman who mastered the ancient Hindu system of Astrology and later devoted his life to the study of science of numbers. He joined the Theosophical Society of Madame Blavatsky and attained exceptional skill in practice of numerology. He unraveled the mysteries behind certain important historical events by interpreting and applying the law of periodicity of cycles. At popular level he is credited to have achieved uncanny accuracy in predicting in advance the winning combinations in lotteries and horse-racing. He even wrote several books on how numerology can be applied to make profits.


Use of cosmic rays is based on science , similarly the vibrations of sound created by mechanical pressures are also important as sacrificial remedial method which is related to chanting mantras etc. it is a fact that method phenomena of sound is very powerful. When a person suddenly hears a deafening explosion he is shocked and frightened. A strain of good melody or rhythm attracts one’s attention and pleases him. This is all caused by sound waves.

Many a times we hum certain songs because their tunes and rhythm appeals us. But all the sound waves are not necessarily pleasing. Some can cause harmful effects on your body and mind. The sound waves created by pronunciations generate energy and power. The purpose of all prayers chanted as religious practices in Temples, Churches, Masjids and other religions places must have been to generate energy & power. Those who are devoutly pursuing a discipline or a mystic method must be getting some energy & power by chanting hymns or by jap. Such a practice must be giving satisfaction and energy to the performers and causing them to progress in their pursuits.

The energy and power created by sound waves could prove destructive or constructive depending upon the words and way of their pronouncements. It is matter of expertise that the Japanese SAMURAI swordsmen or Karate players generating a feeling of fright in minds of their opponents by the sound waves of their battle cries. Some word sounding Ki-A-I creates extreme sense of fear. When pronounced in a low pitch, lowers blood pressure causing symptoms of paralysis. However when the same word id pronounced in high pitch it increases the blood pressure and creates a state of excitement.

PYTHAGORAS born around 590 B.C at Sidon in PHOENKIA whose birth was prophesied to his mother PARTHENIS that a son will be born who will outshine others in beauty, wisdom and who would spread spiritual light to mankind who later became famous for his theorem in GEOMETRY that the sum of the squares on two perpendicular sides of a right angled triangles equal to the square on the third side called hypo tenure. He was a tall, handsome and dynamic man with a magnetic charming personality. He was loved by everyone and he won several prizes and awards in games and athletics. He took initiations from religious adepts several times and achieved perfection in the path himself. After getting enlightenment and wisdom he established a society for religious/philosophical pursuits. The society was later known as the PYTHAGOREAN School where he imparted knowledge to his disciples on the path of God. Since most of his teachings were only from mouth to ear they are now lost with the time. He grew stronger as each year passed. He married one of his disciples at the age of sixty four and seven children were born out of the wedlock. He was reported to be still in the prime of his youth when he was assassinated around hundred years of age.

Pythagoras and his students believed in the transmigration of souls. He saw his ninety nine thousands of incarnations in a row. He and his students were essentially vegetarians although not abstained from meat-eating completely. While initiating his students he used to give a secret formula which was known to only two of them.

Pythagoras advocated that each planet in the universe had a peculiar sound of its own. But the resultant sound from all planets in the universe is a peculiar “vibration “which is an “Un struck sound”. This sound was called a “harmonious cosmic octave” or the “music of the spheres” which is heard during successful states of meditation through inner ears. This sound once generated in the body of a person leads him or her to liberation. The same sound is referred to by Christ in the Bible as the “WORD’ or “LOGOS’ and by Hindu scriptures as “ANAHATSHABD” or “AUM”(OM). Muslims called it “KALMA-I-ILLAHI”. This sound is the goal of meditation in all religions and it is the one which is responsible for breaking the cycle of death and rebirth.

A particular incarnation is a finite projection of the infinite life of the soul in the highest realms of cosmos. The soul adopts various lives on earth to learn various lessons till perfection is achieved and then it lives on the higher non-physical planes of existence for higher purposes. On those planes there is no dependence on physical factors like food, cloth or sex for happiness. However,this is a subject of separate exploration.




Hebrew- Kabala, The word Kabala means traditional knowledge. The numbers are linked to the Hebrew alphabet. In the Hebrew alphabet there are 22 letters. The English alphabet on the other hand has 26 letters or characters. Therefore, for English language readers to use and interpret numbers according to the Hebrew Kabala, it is necessary to establish a link, between the English alphabet and the Hebrew alphabet or letters.

These days many numerology practitioners are misleading and harming the seekers, needy querists who go to them for relief. The present-day numerologists with their  half-baked knowledge without proper research on the subject will not only damage the clients completely but also double their Karmic effect.

We sincerely call upon the seekers for relief through numerology to understand what it is all about.

Firstly it is the effect of the sound waves generated in your name that may be positive or negative. In case of negativity the NAME SOUND VIBRATIONS are to be altered carefully towards positive effect of the name. If done properly/correctly undoubtedly it works wonderfully.

However, according to our research studies the value systems followed by present-days numerologists seems to be fanciful and far from ORIGIN and ultimately destructive.

PYTHAGORAS system of number values given to each English letter these days are as follows.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  


IN ORIGIN it is not as simple as above. It is only phonetic values assigned to different letters that PYTHAGORAS advocated.

Another fancy system being followed by numerologists is CHALDEAN theory as follows.

A I J Q Y = 1 B K R =2
C G L S = 3 D M T =4
E H N X = 5 U V W =6
O Z  = 7 F P  =8

The above system is again not true, it is phonetic values in relation to planetary enumerations are conveyed by CHALDEANS (KABALA) and great PYTHAGORAS.

PYTHAGORAS for some reasons maintained secrecy of knowledge which reigned supreme throughout his life excepting one or two with whom he shared.


‘PYTHAGORAS’s  phoenetic name value is ‘50’ which means the pinnacle of knowledge, will have fertile imagination, will be versatile in Education, great scholar, will be tenacious and hard working, will be a great philosopher, will be strong physically, will be foremost teaching others, eloquent, much travelling, special skills in mathematics, astrology, science and law, will be respected as highly intelligent person wherever he goes, will adapt spiritual practices too well and life will be full of luck.
As per ‘Qabalah’ the name phoenetic value is ‘98’ which means social consciousness, living for others, all his Intelligence, labour and wisdom will be at the service of others, will be physically attacked and will enjoy undiminished fame.

It looks as if Pythogoras mostly enjoyed the name phoenetic value of ‘50’ only to succumb to the name phoenetic value of ‘98’ in the end which is very interesting.


In between the lines we wish to inform the readers that the phonetic systems adopted by us are 4 in number, two of which are being expressed by us directly or indirectly while the other 2 phonetic systems are held back on purpose. In order to successfully conclude on the later 2 phonetic systems, it took us almost 7 years of practical application through which we obtained 80% success rate which is being applied on the querists who visit us for consultations.

We also take pride in announcing that the source of the later two systems are of INDIAN origin.

To cite an example from the retained systems , the phonetic sum total name value of PYTHAGORAS is 41 and 32 respectively.


The seekers of name changing should only consult the best knowledgeable numerologist  lest  it may be a roadside T-shirt so cheaply available only to disappoint  you  that after one wash it shall claim rapport with a lady’s blouse in size.


This research center holds 23 keys thoroughly useful, convincing and simple methods in solving many materialistic problems.

Destiny number arrived by adding total date of birth of an individual may be right to certain extent but certainly not all


  7-6-1956 =    7  is wrong
7-6-56  =   15/6 is right

So, the name values set according to 7 will not yield results .

The ruling year of a D.O.B is wrongly calculated by numerologists . Here ,we hold a key that works wonderfully for examlpe, the following political parties performance in the recent parliament and assembly elections show.

Ruling year   2014  Elections  Results

BJP party = number 1
Congress party = number 2
Andhra Pradesh  –  T.D.P = number 9
T.D.P along with B.J.P = 9 + 1 =  1
 Y.S.R.C.P = 7


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