Sri. PUSAPAATTI MAHDHAWA VARMA Born on 7th June 1956 at Visakhapatnam, Andhra pradesh by academic is an M.A. (Litt) from Andhra University lives at Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad. His Ancestors are of Rajput origin from Udaypur of Rajasthan migrated to Andhra, who’s native is Vizianagaram ( Dwarapudi ) of Andhra Pradesh. He is involved in many Business Activities for the past 25 Years and is affluent. He has developed passion for Occult Sciences right from his younger days, travelled widely and has gained knowledge in Astrology and other Allied sciences. At present he is involved in presenting a book on Astrology, The True Parasara system, Numerology & Gemology which is near completion.


Motto : Vedic Astrology Research Centre.com is a non-profit organization started with the main objective of enlightening the public towards the origin and truth. Our main Aim is to alleviate the needy from the negativity being suffered through origin process of Vedas.